Summer Day Camp

Summer day camp at a cub scout camp is everything you think it is and more. With fishing, games, archery, exploration, swimming, boating, BB-gun ranges, and so much more, experiencing the beautiful outdoor camps in Narragansett Council is a deeply memorable experience. While there, scouts earn belt loops and live in the scout motto, oath, and law every day.

Cub scouts can go to camp any and all of the 8 weeks Narragansett council is offering (plus Spring Break Camp during April Vacation), and every year we organize as a Pack to go to Camp Norse the third week of July so we can experience it together. Friendships you see forming in our Pack become bonds at camp, with scouts helping other scouts through new adventures, and the shared experiences are talked about for years to come.

Cub scout aged siblings (entering grades 1-5), boys and girls, are welcome to join their scout brothers at camp and share in the fun! Let us make your summer mornings a little easier with one place to drop your kids off for a fun-filled day!

Narragansett Council works hard every year to keep the costs low. for 2018, if you register with Pack 24 by March 26th, the cost is just $180 per week, and only $100 per week for any additional weeks!  Do that math! And busing is and additional $35 per week. Financial Aid is available.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

(Q) How long is the day?

(A) The Bus picks us up around 7:15am in the Triboro Shaws parking lot. The bus arrives back around 5:15pm. If you drive, camp check-in is at 8:45am and sign-out is around 4:15pm

(Q)  Who’s in charge?

(A) Scouts are broken up into Dens, and each is assigned a trained Den Chief (our Troop 24 Den Chiefs Cooper and Ben will be with us).  Leaders and Parents also come (I wouldn’t miss it), and there are official trained staff throughout the camp and at each station, including a resident EMT.

(Q) Where is it?

(A) There are 3 day camps in Council.  We go to Camp Norse in Kingston Ma.

(Q) Can I send my other cub scout aged children?

(A) YES! Last year we had 2 siblings, including girls, come with us.. They had a blast! Entering 1st – 5th grade siblings are encouraged to come! One camp for all makes child care so much easier!

(Q) Can I send them other weeks as well?

(A) YES! Camp is open for 8 weeks and each additional week is only $100 + $35 if taking the bus

(Q) You said there was a scholarship?

(A) Yes, ‘camper-ships’ are available through this link – don’t wait to apply:

If you would like to know more about summer day camp or any of our programs, please reach out to us!