Heigh-Ho. Heigh-Ho. A Hiking Our Pack Goes.

Parents, you’ve told us you want more outdoor experiences for your son and we’ve listened!

So have your child get into nature and have him join our popular Hiking Club. Founded in 2012, it is one of only a handful of Cub Scout hiking clubs in the United States.

On a regular basis, the Pack gets your boy into the outdoors to experience and connect with the serenity, beauty and wonders of the environment, see wildlife, learn about plants, geology, weather, area history and so much more.

We hike in all seasons, times of day and weather and explore a different location each time, including wildlife refuges, city parks, town and state forests, conservation land, etc.

Plus, hiking-club related recognition is given at certain milestones as your boy’s miles accumulate.

Best of all, there are numerous opportunities to meet Cub Scouting outdoor-related awards, belt loops, rank and badge requirements and lessons.

And, your whole family is welcome too.

Consider the Benefits

No TV, no video games, just you, your family and the positive peer group of Pack 24 hiking in the wilderness, enjoying the fresh air, the peace and quiet, the amazing scenery, the wildlife, birds, and more.

On every hike we see children’s senses become heightened and their imaginations inspired.

Your child may not realize it, but they are developing an appreciation and love for the outdoors and being in nature while having lots of fun.

Club Activities Help Boys Earn Hiking-Related…

Plus, additional awards…

Pack 24’s Top Hikers

While our hikes might only be one, two or three miles each, it is fun to keep track of your stats and watch as the miles add up.  Here is a list of Scouts who have participated in the most hikes.

Arrow of Light
Jakob Norlin – 25.2 miles
Karl Immonen – 23.8 miles
Gage Andrade – 10.1 miles

Timmy Grinnell – 15.8 miles
Colin McEttrick – 11.9 miles
Ethan Spinola – 6.9 miles

Ben Brown – 16.7 miles
Will McEtrick – 9.6 miles
James Golding – 9.5 miles

Tyler Grinnell – 9.6 miles
Daniel Landry – 7 miles
Michael Senior – 5 miles

Andrew Brown – 15.7 miles
Brady Christiansen – 7 miles
Logan Martin – 2 miles

Not JUST for Scouts!

Our Hiking Club is open to all children 1st – 5th grade, boys and girls, and their parents! The only requirements is a sense of adventure and a completed BSA Health Form! If you are interested in joining, please contact our Cubmaster or e-mail our current Hiking Club Leader, John Gilbert.

Some Past Hikes 

(click links below for adventure journals and photos)

Upcoming Hikes 

  • Saturday the 20th of October at 12:30pm, we will tour the North Attleboro Fish Hatchery followed by 1 mile nature trail hike.
    • 144 Bungay Road, North Attleboro, MA
    • All interested hikers can register with Mr. Brown at fpbrown1@yahoo.com