Pack Garden

Scouts and family members can dig in the dirt for a good cause. Join in as we once again grow fruits and vegetables in our Cub Scout garden and donate them to families in need.  Our garden is located behind the St. Theresa’s Church Parish Center.

Your son is going to love it because gardening taps into kids’ natural curiosity about the world around them. What child doesn’t like to play in the dirt, make mud pies, or check out the bugs and worms?

Under the guidance of our pack’s gardening experts, this project promises to offer your son and family numerous benefits:

 Magic moments: Shareable and enjoyable time and memories with you and your boy.

 Academic: Gardening requires applying science and math skills. For example, your son will learn about life cycles of plants, what plants need to grow, which seeds grow the fastest, the role weather can play, proper counting and spacing of seeds and measurements.

 Personal development: Children learn patience and responsibility as they discover plants take time to mature and will do much better if watered and weeded properly.

 Accomplishment: Children can gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from caring for something over time. And, you and he will be able to enjoy some of the food from our garden too.

 Compassion: Supporting the community is a valuable life lesson that can be instilled in your son during his most formidable years.

 Recognition: At the end of the growing season, those Scouts who help with the garden during the summer, will be recognized and honored for their contributions with a special patch and ceremony during the September pack meeting.

Top Gardeners of 2016

At the end of each growing season, awards are given to all who participated in helping the garden grow. Top gardeners are recognized with the “I Dig Dirt” award or the “Green Thumb” award.

Green Thumb Award –for having shown great care and interest in our garden project
Jakob Norlin

First Place: I Dig Dirt Award – for 6 or more visits
Owen Gilbert
Jakob Norlin
Niko Batyuk

Second Place: I Dig Dirt Award – for 5 visits

Dan Haist
Brian McIsaac

Third Place: I Dig Dirt Award – for 3-4 visits
Colin McKettrick
James Askew
Caleb Miconi
David Fleury


Big Thanks:

Many seeds, plants and supplies have been generously donate by families, friends and local businesses. Thank you!

The Batyuk Family
The McEttrick Family